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Candid wedding Photography in India

Candid Wedding Photography”, a term which is spoken many times, heard of even a lot more times, but yet no one is able to get the correct idea of what it really is!

Ek second sir… thoda side mein….bas… bas… hold… haan bilkul… ab idhar dekhiye zara … smile” ………… “Mam aap please unke paas aake khade ho jaeye…. Thoda sa aur bas…. Ab udhar dekhiye”

These words are not new for any of us. In fact we all have heard them in the wedding ceremonies of our friends and families. For years, this has been a contemporary face of Wedding Photography in India.

In fact Wedding Photography is not just about documenting a ceremony or clicking smiling faces staring towards the camera. It’s not just to capture false smiles or re-enacting the special moments that we missed. Rather it is about capturing the crucial moments and emotions in their purest, most real and un-adulterated form. It is about the feeling which makes the bride, the groom and their families feel great about how beautiful they were looking on that day. It’s a bit similar to telling a story in a visual manner which makes every wedding look like an enchanted one. And that’s exactly what Candid Wedding Photography is entirely about.

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Mahaveer Sharma is a middle aged Photographer, Artist and an Entrepreneur who has an expertise in Candid Wedding Photography in India. Of all the fundamentals of Candid Photography, one is the capacity to make people feel comfortable with a camera capturing them; and this is an art that Mahaveer has mastered. Furthermore, coming to his professional set up, he possess all the necessary interpersonal and communication abilities which allows him to go well with the mass at any of the occasion regardless of the camera. Candid Wedding Photography India, being entirely un-obtrusive, conserves the purity of the Wedding Ceremony. During the ceremony, there are no disturbances caused by the photographer and also you’ll never be requested to smile, gaze at the camera or even freeze for it.

To shoot candidly, strictly conveys that you can’t have a chance or opportunity to plan the shots. Neither is an alternative of using a customary set of camera location or placing big lights in particular places. Basically what Candid Wedding Photography requires is the photographer to have tremendous technical photographical skills. He must know how to use the dim light to his benefit and get perfectly natural looking photographs, he must know how to click most beautiful pictures even in low light, and he must know the technique to get artistically pleasing results. Hence, he should have the talent to get technically advanced photographs at the given energy levels.

Till now Mahaveer Sharma has worked up on the assignments for Wedding Photography in Pune, in Delhi, in Kolkata, in Udaipur, in Jaipur, in Jodhpur, in Mumbai, in Hyderabad, in Goa and several other places all across India. To know the response of our fans and clients, click here.