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Along with being the most exciting events of the lifetime, Weddings are the most common place events occurring all around the globe. Wedding fetches happiness, excitement and countless parallel emotions to the majority of us. To capture the photographs of such an event and to take out all such sentiments in the photos is very difficult and challenging. That is the reason why the most popular kind of professional photography is ‘Wedding Photography’.

There is a lot of stuff written and done on wedding photography but pre-wedding photography is ignored nearly all the times. Being among the fastest picking styles, it needs a lot more consideration and effort than people think it is worthy of. The chief inspiration after pre-wedding photography is about relishing the time of nervousness, joy, love, care, and expectations going from end to end in the minds of the groom and the bride in the days just prior to the marriage. Pre-wedding photography may be untailored, casual, fun and romantic. They become the most memorable moments in somebody’s life just by displaying the chemistry among them through the lens of the camera.






Difference between pre-wedding photography and wedding photography:

There are a lot of differences between Pre-wedding photography and wedding photography. If you say that wedding photography is an extempore, than pre-wedding photography is said to a fully prepared debate. Wedding photography is very severe regarding any mistakes while in pre-wedding photography, you always have a lot of chances to undo your mistakes. Instant actions and quick decisions are the main focus in the course of shooting for a wedding whereas planning things at a relaxed pace and to generate your own shots are the parts of pre-wedding photography.

In simple words, it is event v/s fashion!

Mahaveer Sharma says, “It sounds really easy. Being a photographer I’m able to shoot whatever I feel is the best and can try out as much as I want. I also enjoy the luxury of retakes which allows me to use my skills as a photographer to the fullest.

Despite the pre-wedding photography offers extra control to the photographers but trust me, it is a lot more demanding than how it looks. In pre-wedding photography, nothing is pre-decided or restrictions are given to the photographer. No pre setted stage. No exclusive customes. Nothing else. In fact he is given full liberty to work as he wants to and use whatever resource he like to use. It all depends up on the photographer, how he utilises to make the pictures lively and fascinating with originality and conceptualization. In addition to this, compromise on quality is not negotiable at all. Photographer holds the sole responsibility for this.

To gain the confidence of the couple is also a very important challenge for the photographer. The quality of pictures is directly proportional to the amount of confidence the couple has in the photographer. More confidence leads to better quality of the photographs.

Preparing for Pre-wedding Shoots

In the words of Mahaveer Sharma, Pre-wedding photo shoot requires grave amount of creativity, skills, efforts and resourcefulness from the photographer’s part. He says that in order to perform the task of shooting pre-wedding photographs, one requires to prepare a lot; apart from this a huge investment of time and energy is also necessary. He considers that to plan a perfect pre-wedding shoots you need to be well aware about your subjects i.e. the couple for whom you are going to shoot. Then you must have an idea and accordingly select a theme and costumes for the bride and the groom. There are two more things which matters a lot during a pre-wedding shoot, they are location and the props used. They can be used as beautifully as the photographer knows to use them. Last but not the least is the postures and the appearances of the couple. It does not require extra workout from photographer’s side as the couple has already got a numerous feelings and emotions about each other which come out in the form of glow of love on both the faces.